Broken Down Doors

by Dyslo & Kelly Rose

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This is a collaborative mixtape by Dyslo & Kelly Rose with all Beats By SoulChef, its a deep album, touching on some meaningful subjects, much love enjoy!

Here is a list of the original songs make sure to check em out too

work harder / original: SoulChef feat. Unknown Suspect - Never Too Late (from Remember When LP 2010)

Clouds / original: SoulChef feat. Jo Well - Good Music (from Remember When LP 2010)

I Know / original: SoulChef feat. Deep Foundation & Ashley Robles - Tonight (from Escapism LP 2010)

Nine to Five / original song: SoulChef feat. Nieve,Noah King, Tunji & A-Dub - Say Somethin' (from Escapism LP 2010)

Broken Down Doors / original song: SoulChef feat. the 49ers - K.M.A (from Remember When LP 2010)

One More Chance / original song: Hy Definition - Breathless (from Bluebottle Records Presents: A New Dawn (2011)

Spiritual Healing / original song: SoulChef feat. Need Not Worry - Sentimentally Madd (from Remember When LP 2010)

Finish Line / original song: SoulChef feat. The Vox Merger - How To Maintain (from Remember When LP 2010)

True Friend / original song: SoulChef feat. Unknown Suspect - Unprecedented (from Remember When LP 2010)

Save Me / original song: SoulChef feat. Noah King - Renegade Soldier (from Food For Thought LP 2013)

Thieves & Vultures /original Song: SoulChef feat. Gabriel Teodros - Black Love (from Food for Thought LP 2013)

Catch Up Letter / original song: Trace Blam - Soul Music (produced by SoulChef)

At long last/ original song: SoulChef feat. Raiza Biza - In 3D (from Food for Thought LP 2013)

Record Deal Shot/ original song: SoulChef feat. Hydroponikz - Grown (from Remember When LP 2010)

Feel The Same / original song: SoulChef feat. Nieve - Write This Down (from Escapism LP 2010)

Taking Off / original song: Dex Amora - Emergence (produced by SoulChef)


released October 17, 2014

Dyslo, Kelly Rose, Dziak, Munashe, Pakkz The General, Forsyt, Ice man and SoulChef on the beats.

Original Album credits go to SoulChef



all rights reserved


Dyslo New Zealand

" Every single record gotta message " Dyslo speaks from his heart ; listen to his experience's, the good the bad and the real.

Having come from ruff beginnings, including the thug and drug life. His early years were spent watching his parents fight and finally overcome their addictions, thus becoming his biggest inspiration.

If you want TRUTH, HEART and SOUL, you will appreciate Dyslo's music.
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Track Name: Work Harder - Dyslo ( 50 bars ) Beat By SoulChef
Im doing good terrific, got myself cleaned up in a rehab, now Im back to spitting.
Track Name: Clouds - Kelly Rose & Dyslo ( Beat By SoulChef )
" They say my heads.......lost in the clouds.....well why would I ever wanna come back down? "
Track Name: I Know - Dyslo Ft Dziak ( Beat By SoulChef )
I already feel successful, rich beyond my wildest dreams, I got me a queen, and I escaped the scene of petty drug deals, in a city where aint to many real....
Track Name: Nine to Five - Kelly Rose & Dyslo ( Beat By SoulChef )
On the income, they aint really supporting you....and the waaaaay that they talk to you, its like there aiiiiiim is to hold you down
Track Name: Broken Down Doors - Dyslo ( Beat By SoulChef )
Till they came through the door I, couldnt see I was doing wrong, then I made a change in my life, and now it feels like its all on
Track Name: One More Chance - Dyslo & Kelly Rose ( Beat By SoulChef )
Now hes a recidivist, been in and out, its ridulous how long hes been in the jail..
Track Name: Spiritual Healing - Dyslo & Kelly Rose ( Beat By SoulChef )
Im trying to prioritize what I need to do, seed growing......and he or she need me too, its easy to fall in to wrong wayz
Track Name: Finish Line - Dyslo Ft Forsyt ( Beat By SoulChef )
When the beat drops, I like to chill.....brain-storm, think about the lane that Im on
Track Name: High Alert - Pakkz The General & Dyslo ( Beat By SoulChef )
I got the soldiers on full alert, like a 5.0 search, when gunz are involved in ya work, I was hot, popping em off, the un breakable, D.C who knew the evil he could do...
Track Name: True Friend - Dyslo ( Beat By SoulChef )
He the type you can call on, a true friend, there to the bitter end, it dont matter if the brawls 10 deep, hes right there wid ya, I like that picture
Track Name: Save Me - Dyslo & Kelly Rose Ft Munashe ( Beat By SoulChef )
I contemplated not living, once upon a time in the projects, over looking the steepist fall, I had to call, on my inner strength, like please just give me a reason why I shouldnt take a step....
Track Name: Thieves & Vultures - Kelly Rose & Dyslo ( Beat By SoulChef )
I feel like Im in a bad way, is it real, I feel like Im starting to stray, better chill
Track Name: Catch Up Letter - Dyslo & Kelly Rose ( Beat By SoulChef )
Its been about 7 months since you last were in my arms, you could call this a catch up letter....
Track Name: At Long Last - Dyslo Ft Ice Man ( Beat By SoulChef )
I get the flash backs, every now and agaiin, about the cash stacks via the robbery Im a vent...
Track Name: Record Deal Shot - Dyslo ( Beat By SoulChef )
Its important to keep ya work-rate up, a strong album il get ya a record deal shot, but you gotta be hot with the flows, spend time perfecting this, rap from the soul....
Track Name: Feel The Same - Kelly Rose & Dyslo ( Beat By SoulChef )
My heart skips when I hear ya name....
Track Name: Taking Off - Dyslo ( Outro ) ( Beat By SoulChef )
These days I dont judge no1 who am I to judge some1 when I dont know em, 9 out of 10 times, you wont call it right, be humble, every body gotta different walk of life